sem_wait as cancellation point

Terry Lambert tlambert2 at
Wed Jul 7 03:42:55 PDT 2004

Petr Holub <hopet at> wrote:
> I wonder why sem_wait is not a pthread cancellation point on
> FreeBSD-5. According to Linux man page:

The Linux man page is totally irrelevant.

Here's what the standards say:

" Cancellation Points

  Cancellation points shall occur when a thread is executing the following functions:

   accept()          mq_timedsend()           putpmsg()       sigtimedwait()
   getmsg()          pselect()                sem_wait()      waitpid()

So it looks like it needs to be a cancellation point, if the thread cancellation
option is fully supported.

So before anyone else says it... "patches welcome".

-- Terry                                                

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