AW: Need SMP access (FreeBSD port of SAPDB aka MaxDB (fwd))

Kai Mosebach sapdb at
Tue Sep 30 12:08:27 PDT 2003


We can do most of the single processor stuff on our own test machines,
but we do not know yet, how it behaves (or even if it behaves) on a SMP
using kse. The more important aspect to us though is, that some of the
threading specialists can take a look on some behaviours and
misbehaviours, and mabe tell us whether its from the code, nor from the
kse implementation ;).

Kind regards 

Kai Mosebach

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> Betreff: Need SMP access (FreeBSD port of SAPDB aka MaxDB (fwd))
> These guys need access to an SMP system with a lot of free diskspace.
> Does it have to be SMP?  I would think you could develop on a UP,
> package it up, and test it on an SMP system.
> Dan Eischen
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> Subject: FreeBSD port of SAPDB aka MaxDB
> Hi,
> SAPDB aka MaxDB (It's beeing renamed) is a commercial-grade Database
> comes in Opensource since May-2000.
> See: &
> In the effort of porting this beast to FreeBSD and (since it is
> using threads extensibly and the primary porter Kai Mosebach
> <sapdb at
> and myself had some troubles with threads ) help hadening the KSE
> I would like to ask if we could get access to one (SMP/KSE) System
> kay)
> with some free diskspace ~500MB to help the porting effort and
> get some threading issues resolved. (Main issues are the Linuxthreads
> transition...)
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> Bye/2
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