Need SMP access (FreeBSD port of SAPDB aka MaxDB (fwd))

Daniel Eischen eischen at
Mon Sep 29 11:11:27 PDT 2003

These guys need access to an SMP system with a lot of free diskspace.
Does it have to be SMP?  I would think you could develop on a UP,
package it up, and test it on an SMP system.

Dan Eischen

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Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 18:17:52 +0200 (CEST)
From: mike <mike at>
To: deischen at,  <davidxu at>
Subject: FreeBSD port of SAPDB aka MaxDB

SAPDB aka MaxDB (It's beeing renamed) is a commercial-grade Database which
comes in Opensource since May-2000.
See: &

In the effort of porting this beast to FreeBSD and (since it is
using threads extensibly and the primary porter Kai Mosebach <sapdb at
and myself had some troubles with threads ) help hadening the KSE stuff
I would like to ask if we could get access to one (SMP/KSE) System (for kay)
with some free diskspace ~500MB to help the porting effort and (hopefully)
get some threading issues resolved. (Main issues are the Linuxthreads -> KSE

Thanks in advance for your help.

Michael Reifenberger, Business Unit Manager SAP-Basis, Plaut Consulting
Comp: Michael.Reifenberger at | Priv: Michael at           |

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