libthr/libkse and Mozilla Firebird

Morten Rodal morten at
Sat Sep 6 04:40:54 PDT 2003


Is Mozilla Firebird (www/mozilla-firebird ; firebird-gtk2-0.6.1_1)
supposed to work with either libthr or libkse?

With libthr I get it to work for a little while before it deadlocks
and I have to kill it (with SIGKILL).

While with libkse it works, for a little while.  After starting up I
can perhaps render half a page, sometimes a two or three pages, before
firebird just exits.  Nothing is printed on the console and no core
dump is found, it is as if the program just called exit(2).  I wish I
could provide more detailed debugging, but I am having trouble getting
firebird to run from within gdb..

This happens on both SMP and singel processor machines.

For the record, it _USED_ to work with libkse.  But after the ATAng
update I was forced to upgrade my kernel a few times and now I have
lost the date when it used to work.  Am I the only one not getting
firebird to work?

Morten Rodal

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