stress2 and results

Susan Stanziano susan.stanziano at
Fri Jan 2 15:13:52 UTC 2015

Happy New Year, everyone: 

On Dec. 22, Andy Zhang asked some questions about stress2 which I also had but no one has responded yet so I'll ask mine: 

I've read the available doc (two .pdf files) but don't see how to understand results or where to find results. It looks like there are no 
created result files. Is this correct? So, is the goal to see a panic and then de-bug the panic? 

I've run the suite on a VM here and am at Loop #1118 now (about 48 hours). The system gets low on resources at various times but hasn't panic'd yet. 

What is the accepted way to interpret this situation? I would like to make this suite a useful part of our testing effort here, but I need 
to undestand the intended goals. 

Susan Stanziano 

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