Automatically running /usr/tests on stable/10 branch under Jenkins

Craig Rodrigues rodrigc at
Sat Oct 25 03:14:43 UTC 2014

On Fri, Oct 24, 2014 at 1:37 PM, Susan Stanziano <susan.stanziano at
> wrote:

> Hello Craig,
> I have been reading through your slides and your website announcement, as
> requested, and have a few questions.  (I have also subscribed to the
> mailing list as suggested).
> (1)  The slides indicate that with a FreeBSD10 and lower OS, I should be
> able to build tests already included with FreeBSD.  I have created a VM on
> FreeBSD10.0 but do not have the /etc/make.conf file necessary to build and
> install the tests.  This may be that I am missing some set-up steps
> required but not covered in the slide presentation.

/etc/make.conf is not there by default, but you can create it and add a


After you do that, you should rebuild everything and install everything as
per the steps listed here:

and the tests should be visible under /usr/tests .

> (2) Does the test build require the use of the "Build Flow Plugin" or can
> the tests be run independent of the "continuous build" model?

No, "continuous build" and 'Build Flow Plugin" are not required to run the
You should focus on building the tests and running them manually before
using "continuous integration".

> (3) Can the tests only be run under Bhyve as described in the announcement?
No, you do not need Bhyve to run the tests.

Feel free to ask any additional questions on freebsd-testing at,
so that we
can clarify the steps.


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