Testing 10.1 WITH_TESTS

Shane Ambler FreeBSD at ShaneWare.Biz
Wed Nov 26 06:21:57 UTC 2014

First sent to freebsd-stable but freebsd-testing was suggested.

Hi there, I currently have two machines running with 10.1 that have
been built having WITH_TESTS enabled and kyua installed.
Both machines have 3 disks in a raidz zpool.

The older machine is a pentium E2140 with 1GB ram and runs through all
tests without trouble.

My main machine is a corei5 with 8GB ram and does have trouble passing
all tests. The local/kyua/integration tests fail to finish, the first
run I was getting errors of maxproc limit exceeded, after increasing
that to 25,000 I watched top display a process count of between 16,000
and 20,000 depending on the test and all free ram being used up, I saw
several outputs like - broken: Test case body timed out  [3300.0s],
I saw one say failed due to an exception but as I cancelled after
6 hours it didn't save the test results.

Test results can be found at http://shaneware.biz/kyua-tests/
(kyua/integration test disabled for the corei5) which also has a copy
of src.conf and dmesg.boot as well as /var/log/messages content during
tests as there are several entries of test processes exiting on signals
3, 6, 10 and 11 even though the tests pass.

It was mentioned that the failing yacc tests have been fixed and the
atf-macro tests were removed in stable/10.

The tests within local/kyua/integration that fail are

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Shane Ambler

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