Call for Help: openjdk8 tests under Continuous Integration

Craig Rodrigues rodrigc at
Sun Nov 23 00:29:12 UTC 2014


Recently Kip Macy tried to get the openjdk8 tests working
under FreeBSD.  He struggled a bit:

I think it would be good to get these tests running under FreeBSD
continous integration.  These tests stress things like threading, memory
management, networking, and virtual memory.  Running these tests
would go a long way to improving Java support under FreeBSD,
because it would give a better idea of what can be fixed in FreeBSD itself.

I am a bit overstretched at the moment to take this on.

I need scripts that can do the following:

(1)  Download the necessary packages, openjdk8, jtreg, etc.
(2)  Apply necessary patches to packages in (1)
(3)  Build the packages in (1) after patches applied
(4)  Run the tests

I would also like:
(A)  Scripts should be committed to
(B)  Script should run under FreeBSD
(C)  Scripts should be easy to run under a Jenkins job at
(D)  Followup status and discussion should happen on
       the freebsd-testing at mailing list

Is anyone interested in helping out with this?  Starting with some
of the things that Kip did would be a good place to start.


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