[Bug 194828] [test] lib.libc.sys.getcontext_test.setcontext_link fails in jenkins; not on FreeBSD/i386 with CURRENT

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Wed Nov 5 07:10:57 UTC 2014


--- Comment #3 from Garrett Cooper <ngie at FreeBSD.org> ---
Confirmed that this issue happens on a recent copy of amd64:

$ sudo kyua test getcontext_test 
getcontext_test:getcontext_err  ->  passed  [0.006s]
getcontext_test:setcontext_err  ->  passed  [0.006s]
getcontext_test:setcontext_link  ->  failed:
setcontext(&uc[DEPTH-1]) != 0  [0.005s]

Results file id is usr_tests_lib_libc_sys.20141105-070522-007241
Results saved to

2/3 passed (1 failed)
$ uname -a
FreeBSD fuji-current-amd64.local 11.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 11.0-CURRENT #1
r274088+75af1e3(isilon-atf)-dirty: Tue Nov  4 22:27:19 PST 2014    
root at fuji-current-amd64.local:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/FUJI  amd64

Rebuilding the kernel again on i386 to see whether or not this occurs there. If
it does, this is a potentially new bug.

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