[Bug 194828] [test] lib.libc.sys.getcontext_test.setcontext_link fails in jenkins; not on FreeBSD/i386 with CURRENT

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Wed Nov 5 07:01:19 UTC 2014


--- Comment #2 from Garrett Cooper <ngie at FreeBSD.org> ---
(In reply to Garrett Cooper from comment #1)
> This seems to work out of the box on i386, so the reason why it might have
> been failing before could have been an artifact of my test environment --
> either kernel/world version (I was testing on a kernel from 10/15, with a
> world potentially from 10/31, or thereabouts) or the fact that I was running
> things out of a chroot part of the time to accelerate testing.
> I'm testing out a fix on CURRENT with amd64/i386 with a kernel/world built
> and installed today, in the following config permutations:
> - amd64/i386
> - 11.0-CURRENT @ r273153
> - 100 times in a tight loop as root with the following commands...
> -- kyua test lib/libc
> -- kyua test lib/libc/sys
> -- kyua test lib/libc/sys/mincore_test

This comment should have been added to bug 194829.

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