Jenkins Dashboard

Thomas Hoffmann trh411 at
Sun Mar 30 01:17:34 UTC 2014

Just wanted to say what a great resource the Jenkins Dashboard is for me. I
do near-nightly builds of -CURRENT and having a resource that I can use to
virtually eliminate build false starts is priceless. Today's experience
provides a good example. Just as I was planning for my nightly build, I
noticed that FreeBSD_HEAD #370 failed. Looked in the log to see the error
and offending item. Waited for the item to be fixed (committed to svn).
Waited for build #371 to complete successfully. Proceeded with my nightly

So, I was able to avoid a failed build (false start), avoid needless posts
to the developer on the mailing lists, and avoid opening a needless PR, all
because I knew exactly what was going on.

Had I decided to build anyway. I could have easily checked out up to the
revision causing the problem because I knew which commit caused the build

One question: are all the FreeBSD_HEAD builds for amd64?

Thanks for this great resource.


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