Best place to learn how to write tests which work under kyua?

Craig Rodrigues rodrigc at
Tue Jun 10 22:06:53 UTC 2014


Where is the best place to learn about starting from
a clean slate, writing new tests which execute under kyua,
and how to structure the Kyuafile?
Specifically, I want to use kyua in my own project, which is
not part of the FreeBSD source tree.

I looked at these links:

While those links gave good general overviews of kyua,
and also how to use it within the structure of /usr/tests on
FreeBSD, I did not get a clear idea of how to use kyua
in my own project.

The only thing that started to clear things up for me was by
looking in:

and reading some of the kyua man pages.

Is there another source of information that I can look at
for how to write tests which work under kyua


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