A new way to test systems in multiple machine scenarios...

George Neville-Neil gnn at neville-neil.com
Sun Jul 6 03:06:05 UTC 2014


I've coded up a system to allow you to control multiple other systems 
for use in testing.


It's BSD licensed, of course, and is only alpha quality but I'm using it 
in the test lab
to control hosts in forwarding tests.

I'll be updating the system frequently over the coming months as I build 
out more test scenarios,
add documentation and the like.

There are two main scripts, player, and conductor.  You run N players, 
one per machine, and
a single conductor.  The conductor controls the players by sending down 
phases which are
encoded in INI style configs.  There are a few, simple, samples in the 
config/ directory
of the project.


NOTE: Conductor MUST run as root to be useful.  Do NOT run on the open 
Internet.  It is meant
for private test labs.

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