vmrun.sh and doc comment

Susan Stanziano susan.stanziano at xinuos.com
Sat Dec 6 21:30:42 UTC 2014


A couple of comments after creating VM's and using the vmrun.sh in /usr/share/examples/bhyve/vmrun.sh: 

1) I know you can't run two VM's at the same time with the same vmname, but the error message from bhyveload is not informative to a new user: 

bhyveload: could not open "vmname" 

2) The solution with the multiple use of a vmname seems to be that after vmrun.sh issues the bhyvectl --destroy command, if there was a "sleep 1" added, giving time for the destroy, the error message from bhyveload wouldn't have to happen. 

(3) Cr aig, you had asked for comments on the doc in: https://github.com/rodrigc/kyua/wiki/Quickstart-Guide 

Reading the Installation section in https://github.com/rodrigc/kyua/wiki/Installation , there is a dead link in the "Building from Sources" section: 


I'm still reading through the rest and I know you expressed the desire for anyone to be able to download FreeBSD and to download and run the testsuites and that is our goal. Right now my biggest problem is with networking in a VM - I do not have a clear enough question to ask yet, but I will. 


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