Call for Help: Setting up Saltstack for devops of cluster

Craig Rodrigues rodrigc at
Mon Dec 1 00:33:12 UTC 2014


As part of setting up, I have set up several VM's
across different machines.  I am quickly finding that it
is a lot of work to do config management of the cluster by hand with ad hoc

I would like to use a more modern and off-the-shelf devops framework to do
this.  I've written down my rough requirements here:

I'm leaning towards using Saltstack (vs. Chef, Puppet, Ansible, CFEngine,
whatever) because:

    -> Saltstack seems to have an active community with many companies
         using it
    -> Saltstack is implemented in Python, and I have a slight bias
          towards Python things :)
    -> Kevin Bowling at Limelight Networks told me he had good
        experiences with at, and the Limelight guys are generally cool :)

Is there anyone with Saltstack experience who can help
set this up in the Jenkins cluster, based on the requirements that I have
written above?  I want to lay the groundwork
for being able to grow the Jenkins cluster to tens or even
hundreds of VM's or bare metal nodes if that makes sense to do so in
the future.

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