standards/107561: Missing SUS function tcgetsid()

Garrett Wollman wollman at
Sun Jan 7 13:40:19 PST 2007

<<On Sun, 7 Jan 2007 21:04:18 +0100 (CET), Oliver Fromme <olli at> said:

> In fact, tcgetsid() is part of IEEE Std 1003.1-2001 a.k.a.
> POSIX-2001, which is equivalent to SUSv3.

That is not entirely true.  IEEE Std.1003.1-2001 describes a set of
base interfaces and several sets of layered options which complement
the base interfaces.  SUSv3 uses the same document, but some of the
interfaces which are optional in 1003.1-2001 are mandatory in SUSv3.
Most significantly, this includes the XSI option, which standardizes
old System V (and X/Open) mistakes.


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