standards/107561: Missing SUS function tcgetsid()

Oliver Fromme olli at
Sun Jan 7 12:39:02 PST 2007

Jukka Ukkonen wrote:
 > This is SUS compatibility only.
 > This was not strictly required by POSIX at the time it was implemented
 > for SUS, but since SUS clearly is a major driver in the POSIX activities,
 > tcgetsid() might be an obvious future extension to POSIX anyhow.
 > And furthermore there is no sane reason for sticking to POSIX only,
 > if the extension needed to become better compatible with other major
 > specifications happens to be this easy.

In fact, tcgetsid() is part of IEEE Std 1003.1-2001 a.k.a.
POSIX-2001, which is equivalent to SUSv3.

The proposed implementation looks good to me (we would
also need an appropriate manual page, though).

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