[Hou-freebsd] Serious breach of copyright -- First post

Tom Rhodes trhodes at FreeBSD.org
Mon Jun 19 01:26:04 UTC 2006

On Sun, 18 Jun 2006 19:44:02 -0500
"Ingrid Kast Fuller" <ingrid at cityscope.net> wrote:

> If someone added it to the freebsd-config mailing list, they should not have
> mailed a copyritten piece on a mailing list for public use.
> This has been added to the bottom of the page since we are unsure of the
> originator: 

Viewing the page, it does seem to have the email address listed,
with a name.  Now, I haven't checked the name, mainly because
I have not emailed this person; however, regardless of the issues
discussed, the FreeBSD doesn't control user groups.  The so
called issue should be taken up with the user group in question.

Tom Rhodes

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