Serious breach of copyright -- First post

Brett thisdayislong at
Mon Jun 19 00:01:55 UTC 2006

I hope we can reach an agreement on this as soon as possible.
J'espère qu'on puisse trouver un accord dans les plus brefs délais.

On 6/18/06, David Hoffman <zionicman at> wrote:
>  It appears the page at
> constitutes
> a serious breach of copyright.  The article, which was originally written
> and posted to the Internet by the owner of the account soup at, is
> falsely attributed to the Houston FUG, whose members maliciously removed all
> reference to its original creator.  On a related note, the FUG seems to be
> part of an organized group to convince all States to adopt English as an
> official language, a bigoted and misguided policy.
> Plagiarism should not be tolerated.
> Thanks.

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