FreeBSD-13.0-RC1-amd64-disc1.iso unbootable on memstick

Rodney W. Grimes freebsd at
Sun Mar 7 09:06:18 UTC 2021

	Things get worse... I could at least boot the BETA4 .iso when
I wrote it to a memstick.  I can NOT boot the RC1.  I have checked
the sha512 of my image, wrote it twice, same results, I get:

CD Loader 1.2

Bulding the boot loader arguments
Looking up /BOOT/LOADER... File not found
Looking up /boot/loader... File not found
Boot failed

I have tried 2 different systems, all known to have booted and
installed many many many FreeBSD's from prior .iso written to

Rod Grimes                                                 rgrimes at

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