python dameon coredumps when started from boot, but not by hand

Pete French petefrench at
Thu Oct 31 14:58:51 UTC 2019

> Hmm very odd..
> Does the tool depend on something else running?

No, not at all. Earlier versions of the tool dont do this either.

On a machine running the tool started by hand the two processes look like this:

  0 86918     1   0  20  0    34268    23860 wait     I     0-     0:00.92 python /usr/local/sbin/waagent -daemon (python3.6)
   0 86986 86918   0  23  0    42380    27236 select   S     0-    46:59.62 python3 -u /usr/local/sbin/waagent -run-exthandlers (python3.6)

> What does the rc.d file for it look like?

very simple....


	# PROVIDE: waagent
	# REQUIRE: sshd netif dhclient
	# KEYWORD: nojail

	. /etc/rc.subr


	load_rc_config $name
	run_rc_command "$1"

my installed python is a symblic link to python3.6, and thats about as basic
as an rc file gets. Its in /etc/rc.d not /usr/local/etc/rc.d but I dont think
thats going to matter.

I suppose I could try and find the bit in the python where it starts the 2nd process and chnage that to log any outout somehow maybe ?


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