Odd "lock-up" during warm boot of stable/12 (amd64)

David Wolfskill david at catwhisker.org
Fri Oct 25 10:59:34 UTC 2019

Both yesterday (r353901) and today (r354014), on initial warm boot of
stable/12 after running stable/11 (from a different MBR slice; stable/11
was at r353939M and r354064, respectively at the time), my laptop has
apparently locked up prior to file systems being mounted.

It is unresponsive to anything I've found except for "Page Up" and "Page
Down" (after togglng "Screen Lock") or a power cycle.  (In particular,
it does not respond to Ctl-Alt-Del.)

After the power-cycle, it comes up Just Fine, as it did on first reboot
after the src update-in-place.

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