Running iperf3 as a server drops all connections to a machine

Pete French petefrench at
Thu Oct 3 10:49:20 UTC 2019

> > Any opinions or things people would ike me to check ?
> netstat -p tcp -ss
> tcpdump -i $interface -npvs0 icmp or 'tcp[tcpflags] & (tcp-rst) !=3D 0'

I havent had a chnace to look at this for a couple of days, but I thought
I would give it mor testing now (doing the above). Updated to the
latest -STABLE as I always do before checking things, and the problem has
now gone away.

Theres nothing I can see in the commits over the last few days which touches
this - the only thign I can see is the changes to ixgbe, and mine is igb
so it cant be that.

The test I did at the time showed the network rate slowing to zero, but
staying up if I didnt use cubic - the disconnect only happened using cubic,
if thats a useful data point. I will try and find time to go back to the older
ernel and see if it still does it. If not then I guess I can say it was
a hardware fault, which seems to have fixed itself, but it didnt feel like
it at the time.

So, thats the update - will follow up to this thread if I can get
it to happen again, and will make the suggested tests. (I assume you mean to
run that inside 'screen' on the server side, yes?)



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