FreeBSD 12.0 RELEASE i386 can not build a kernel?

Rodney W. Grimes freebsd at
Thu Feb 28 13:50:59 UTC 2019

> > > > Let me guess.  You use 'make' in sys/i386/build/YOUR_KERNEL ?
> > > > Then you need to use 'LD=ld.ldd make'.  The proper way of
> > > > 'make buildkernel' from top-level src handles it automatically.
> > > >
> > > If you back up in the thread you would also see the output
> > > is the same for cd /usr/src; make buildkernel conf=CUSTOM
> > 
> > "make buildworld" or "make kernel-toolchain" needs to be run first.
> Are you really rally expecting a user to rebuild the world that
> he just installed that should be exactly the same world he gets
> build (reproduceable builds and all??).
> But in your other mail you said the proper toolchain is included,
> so this is not really true?
> > Also, there's a typo in kib's command - it should be LD=ld.lld (two
> > 'l's, not two 'd's).
> > 
> > There's more information about this issue (when it applied to amd64)
> > at
> Yes I remeber the issue but we shipped a release with the issue in it?
> An issue that was hit 7 months before the release?
> Really?
> Isn't this just a mater of fixing the toplevel make at
> /usr/src for target buildkernel to include the LD=ld.lld or
> fixing the kernel Makefile likewise?

I have confirmed that
cd /usr/src; LD=ld.lld make buildkernel config=GENERIC
does resolve this issue, so can we add LD=ld.lld to
the buildkernel target and fix the kernel Makefile
on i386 to have this set?  (On RELENG/12.0 branch).
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