Java support

Kurt Jaeger pi at
Thu Feb 21 10:18:21 UTC 2019


> With the Java FreeBSD mailing list pretty quiet, I thought I might ask 
> here whether anyone was working on porting the latest Java versions over 
> to FreeBSD.

There's the openjdk port, java/openjdk8.

You are asking about input from the FreeBSD community to openjdk9, 10 and 11 ?

> While Java 8 will be quite satisfactory for a while, the longer Java 
> advances without BSD patches the harder it will be to bring across all 
> the good work done for Java 8 on FreeBSD.

This is correct.

> Are there plans for the Foundation to sponsor some work in this area? 

Your point is, that the FreeBSD community should do regular testbuilds for

and provide patches if something does not build or work, right ?

And, if necessary, fund someone to do that work ?

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