Enjoy the health benefits of safe, scalar light healing for your entire family

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Dear Subscriber,

Tom Paladino, a scalar light researcher and healer, is able to significantly improve the health of your entire family with scalar light healing.  Scalar light is a remote healing modality that only requires your photograph in order to eradicate germs from your body and deliver the nutrients necessary for optimal physical and mental health.  The purpose of this communication is to offer you and your entire family scalar light healing without obligation. You may submit as many as 25 photographs of your family members and friends in order to experience the scalar light healing session.

Click here ( https://www.scalarlight.com/GD1 ) to register for the 15 day scalar light healing session.  There is absolutely no obligation to receive this offer.

Why we are contacting you? We are contacting you today as part of our compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which came into force on 25th May 2018.

Tom assures that the best date protection and compliance data policies are in practice in order to assure your privacy. Our privacy policy explains how we collect and use personal data.

The data that we possess includes your name and email address. The GDPR classifies information such as your name and email address as personal data.

The lawful basis we use for this processing is "Legitimate Interest" for "direct marketing". It is recommended that companies using this basis conduct a "Legitimate Interests Assessment" (LIA), which we have done. You subscribed to our offer for a no-obligation scalar light healing session or heard about us and subsequently subscribed to our newsletter.

To register for the 15 day scalar light healing session please click here ( https://www.scalarlight.com/GD1 ).

You may submit as many as 25 photographs of family members and friends in order to receive our no-obligation scalar light healing session. 

To confirm your acceptance to receive emails as well as the no obligation scalar light healing sessions, please confirm ( https://www.scalarlight.com/optin.html?B4431F14E8BBABBF1F013A87EDA9ED2164A5206EE5CC1E4B0243DA7938FE1898 ).

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You have the right to opt out of future communications and the quickest way to do this is to use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email.

Thank you.

Tom Paladino
1767 Lakewood Ranch Blvd #231
Lakewood Ranch, Florida 34211
805-364-3051 or 800-345-9851
support at scalarlight.com

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