Intel Xeon D-2146NT SoC Support

O'Connor, Daniel darius at
Thu Feb 7 01:06:35 UTC 2019

> On 7 Feb 2019, at 10:58, Lyndon Nerenberg <lyndon at> wrote:
> [ I asked this on -hardware but didn't get any responses, so I'm
>  widening the scope a bit. ]
> We're looking a buying a Supermicro system with the X11SDV-8C-TP8F
> motherboard.  This uses a Xeon D-2146NT SoC.  It's not clear what
> the embedded chipset is, so it's proving a bit tricky to confirm
> whether or not the board will get along with 11.2.

If you go to OS compatibility and then go Skylake-D SoC you get to
(This is not really obvious though! I looked up the CPU in to find its codename first..)

It says FreeBSD 11 works but no 11.1, 11.2 or 12.0. Personally I suspect they *do* work fine just they didn't bother to test them.

I certainly would be very surprised if 11.2 *didn't* work if 11.0 did (and it would be a regression and should be fixed) however it's not my money so.. :)

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