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Mon Apr 29 14:34:27 UTC 2019

> > >
> > Incorrect, os/kernel-debug installs /boot/kernel-debug which is (on
> > 13-CURRENT) the Witness enabled kernel. os/kernel-debug-symbols are
> > the /usr/lib/debug bits.
>  I only see kernel-20190420203550_1.txz and kernel-debug-
> 20190420203550.txz in
> pkgbase/FreeBSD%3A13%3Aamd64/latest/All/
> and kernel-debug only contain the debug files.
>  If I'm not looking in the right directory please correct me.
> --
> Emmanuel Vadot <manu at> <manu at>

Ahh, you are correct. I checked and those packages haven't pushed to the
mirrors yet, Jenkins is still chewing on a build of them here. I was using
the 12-stable packages yesterday which has these changes. They should be
synced up to the mirrors in the next 24-48 hours. Sorry about the confusion.

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