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O'Connor, Daniel darius at
Wed Apr 24 07:37:11 UTC 2019

> On 24 Apr 2019, at 16:38, Dima Pasechnik <dimpase+freebsd at> wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 24, 2019 at 7:58 AM Willem Offermans
> <Willem at> wrote:
>> Almost every third port update ends with `` error: required file './' not found``.
>> See output below!
>> I can copy ltmain manually: cp -p /usr/local/share/libtool/build-aux/ ., but this is quite
>> cumbersome.
>> Does anyone know a more elegant solution?
> see
> That is, teach the script in question to run autoreconf, if you want
> this to work.

It would appear the port is broken, although FWIW it works for me..

Is your port tree up to date? Have you modified anything? etc..

Daniel O'Connor
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