CFT for FreeBSD + ZoL

Pete French petefrench at
Sat Apr 20 12:00:38 UTC 2019

On 19/04/2019 12:46, kris at wrote:
> FreeBSD Developers,
> We're pleased to make available images allowing testing of FreeBSD using ZFS
> on Linux.  During this development cycle, the ZoL code has been made
> portable, and available in the ports tree as sysutils/zol and
> sysutils/zol-kmod, for userland/kernel bits respectively. While some have
> used these for testing, we felt it necessary to generate some installation
> images which are an easier method of getting up and started using ZoL. These
> images are built against FreeBSD 12-stable and 13-HEAD and will install a
> world / kernel with the base system ZFS disabled and the sysutils/zol ports
> pre-installed.

Ah, this is excellent, thankyou for all the work on this. A question 
though - is the intnet to keep these as ports, or will the ZoL code
be merged back into the base, replacing the existing ZFS implementation?


-pete. [who will give this a test next week if he can]

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