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Thu Apr 11 22:38:24 UTC 2019

Thanks so much for all the replies. It was true that I had to hardcode every path but thankfully it is working now. Really appreciate the assistance.

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In your script put a few commands outputting to a check file

pwd > /tmp/checkfile

Add a few more like 

ENV >> /tmp/checkfile

Just to make sure it really is in the directory you expect with the environment you expect. 

If you want it to be run as you never use the root crontab unless you want really crap security. 


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> On 11 Apr 2019, at 16:29, Software Info <softwareinfojam at> wrote:
> Well thanks for all the input. I just have to tp keep working at it. Again, much appreciated.
> Regards
> SI
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>> On Wed, 10 Apr 2019, Software Info wrote:
>> OK. So although the script is located in my home directory, it doesn’t 
>> start there?  Sorry but I don’t quite understand. Could you explain a 
>> little further please?
> Both 'cp' and 'ls' are located in /bin.  But if I run the 'ls' command in 
> /root, 'ls' can't find 'cp' (unless I tell it where to look) - even though 
> /bin *is* in my PATH -
> server7:/root # ls cp
> ls: cp: No such file or directory
> server7:/root # ls /bin/cp
> /bin/cp
> Where the system looks for *commands*, to execute, is different from where 
> it looks for other files, which those commands use.  The latter is 
> generally only the current directory (unless you tell it otherwise). 
> When cron runs a script as root, "current directory" will be /root.
> BUT - for security and other reasons, it would be better to have cron run 
> your script as you (not root), and as '/home/me/myscript' (instead of 
> adding your home directory to PATH in /etc/crontab).
> -Walter
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