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Fantastic. Works like a charm. Thank you very much.

Kind Regards

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Software Info wrote on 2019/04/09 23:09:
> Hi All
> Since mailx is built into FreeBSD I decided to try asking this question here. I have a text file with about 30 email addresses. The file will change every day. I want an easy commandline way to read the file and blind copy send an email to the addresses in the file. So far, I have this working with just a plain send using the command below.
> mailx -s "Test Emails" -b `cat mylist.txt` < body.txt -r "No-Reply<no-reply at>"
> Of course, when I use a plain send, everybody sees everybody’s email address so I would love to be able to do a blind copy send. Would anyone be able to assist me with this?

It may depend on your MTA (Sendmail, Postfix, Exim etc.)

"You must specify direct recipients with -s, -c, or -b."

   -b bcc-addr
        Send blind carbon copies to bcc-addr list of users.  The bcc-addr
        argument should be a comma-separated list of names.

You should replace newlines with comma:

cat mylist.txt | tr "\n" ","

Maybe something like this will work for you:

mail -s "Test E-mails" -b `cat mylist.txt | tr "\n" ","` 
my-generic at < body.txt

Miroslav Lachman

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