Using drm-next in 11.2

Pete Wright pete at
Wed Sep 12 18:31:01 UTC 2018

On 9/12/18 11:29 AM, Pete French wrote:
>> I believe your best bet is to let Xorg probe your devices 
>> automatically - i.e. don't have an xorg.conf in place when starting X.
> Yes, I dont have an xorg to conf - I was a bit unclear, I meant which 
> drivers should I instal from the xorg-drivers package as I dont 
> generally install all of them.
>> On my end this will result in the "modesetting" driver being used, 
>> which is the suggested driver to use for intel and i believe amdgpu 
>> systems. it provides full acceleration, and is under active 
>> development upstream.  it should also be part of the xorg-server pkg, 
>> so you don't need to install any additional video drivers to use the 
>> modesetting driver.
> Thats actually relly helpdful, thanks! - I dont see a modesetting 
> driver in /usr/ports/x11-drivers though, Where did you get this driver 
> from ?

it's from the xorg-server port/pkg:

$ pkg list xorg-server|grep modes


Pete Wright
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