'loadable library and perl binaries are mismatched' rebuilding ports after upgrade to 12.0-BETA2 r339930

Raúl raul at b2n.org
Wed Oct 31 10:56:11 UTC 2018


Coming from 11.2p4, using sources, everything went fine and is already
running without noticeable problem. Mariadb101 had some known problem so
after trying well documented workaround on it's rc.d script it finally
get promoted to Mariadb102 ...

*Great work*, version 12 already feels smooth, performant, snappy ...
well rounded.

Before deleting old-libs I tried a 'portmaster -Raf' and there is where
I'm getting into trouble. This installation has survived three server
boxes and in the meantime (since FreeBSD version ~6) lots of big changes
on the ports tree have happened. It has more than 800 ports installed so
it's a bit complex setup. I try everything on this box. Maybe I broke
some port dependencies, or I miss something, I'm not sure. Build fails
for me with:

Dumper.c loadable library and perl binaries are mismatched (got
handshake key 0xd480080, needed 0xe180080)

It can be on Dumper.c, vxs.c ... and others.
No matter how I try always get stuck on this perl mismatch.

I have no ports / portmaster tricks left to try, can anyone give me a hint?.

Thanks in advance.


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