FCP-0101: Deprecating most 10/100 Ethernet drivers

Rodney W. Grimes freebsd-rwg at pdx.rh.CN85.dnsmgr.net
Wed Oct 24 14:41:37 UTC 2018

> "Rodney W. Grimes" wrote:
> > We could add that once the document is submitted to core
> > any change to it between submitting and vote by core requires
> > core to be involved, even if it is simply an ack of a change
> > has been made to what was submitted.
> Yes !

And to expand on that further since core is under a 2 week
timeline to complete this process any submitted change acceptable
to core resets the 2 week timer, if core rejects the change the
timer continues as original.

Rod Grimes                                                 rgrimes at freebsd.org

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