FCP-0101: Deprecating most 10/100 Ethernet drivers

Rodney W. Grimes freebsd-rwg at pdx.rh.CN85.dnsmgr.net
Wed Oct 24 13:54:05 UTC 2018

> On Wed, Oct 24, 2018 at 05:19:33AM -0700, Rodney W. Grimes wrote:
> > And I have read case law that boiled down to the presents vs absence
> > of a comma
> If we are now going to evaluate all proposed changes to FreeBSD on the
> same rigid principles as the US legal system, I'm done.

I do not think "all" is in scope here,
but I do feel should excercise care about procedure.
And FYI, the case law above I am pretty sure was not US.

I also believe that what is at issue here can be fixed
rather easily without ever going down the minor vs major
slippery slope by some rather simple changes to order
of events and careful steps.

Warner came very close, I think he just applied his correct
"fix" to 1/2 of the problem.

There is the stage where the FCP is before core being voted
on, and there is the stage that the FCP has been approved.
He only addressed 1 of those, and he did so by allowing core
to trivially modify the document during the voting process,
and I am actually fine with that idea, its good, it is what
should be allowed.  I trust core to know what is minor vs

BUTT it still does not cover the issue of the author/submitter
modifying the document while it is in core being reviewed and
possibly modified.  I have issue with that.  It is very hard
to vote/formally review on something that is fluid.
I have not been asked to trust these people with the trust I
give core, so I would like to remove that.

We could add that once the document is submitted to core
any change to it between submitting and vote by core requires
core to be involved, even if it is simply an ack of a change
has been made to what was submitted.

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