SCSI and dmesg

Warner Losh imp at
Sat Oct 20 05:45:24 UTC 2018


a few weeks ago I pointed people to the nycbug dmesg service. I said I was
looking at data to drive SCSI retirement. I've gatherd some preliminary
data, which I've uploaded to along with some
preliminary notions of disposition for the hardware. I'm still working out
the kinks in the dmesg parsing, but this is interesting data.

If you've not recently submitted, please consider doing so. We'll be
finalizing the scsi SIMs that I'm going to propose retiring in 13 here in a
few weeks, and I'm going to base much of what list I come up with based on
what is submitted. The glitches with FreeBSD dmesgs have been cleared up as


curl -v -d "nickname=$USER" -d "email=$USER@$(hostname)" -d
"description=FreeBSD/$(uname -m) on $(kenv smbios.system.maker) $(kenv
smbios.system.product)" -d "do=addd" --data-urlencode 'dmesg@

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