Peculiar failure of re(4) to active a link after a RAM upgrade

R. Tyler Croy tyler at
Wed Oct 10 22:21:25 UTC 2018

I recently upgraded my 11.2-STABLE machine from 4 to 16GB of memory. Upon
reboot the dual-NIC re(4) card which had been previously working failed to
either negotiate or activate a link (i.e. lights up :)) with my DSL modem.
ifcnofig lists the interface as 'no carrier'

I verified that both ports (re0 and re1) were working by plugging network
cables into my switch, and found that both were able to activate a link

When I plugin the DSL modem's cable into my em(4) based NIC, that activates a
link properly. Regardless of which re(4) NIC I stick the cable into, it
fails to create a link (ifconfig lists em0 as 'active'), while the same cable
works properly in an em(4) NIC.

I'm running r339079 right now, and if I remember correctly, had upgraded the
world prior to the RAM upgrade, so it _seems_ like the RAM upgrade is the only
variable which changed.

I'm really clueless as to what would even be happening underneath the covers
here, and would appreciate any pointers in the right direction for debugging
here :)

-R Tyler Croy

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