Latest update to ATI driver broke in same way as using DRM-next did

Pete French petefrench at
Tue Oct 9 10:32:20 UTC 2018

So this is kind of interesting - I posted here last month about trying to
use drm-next and it not finding my 2nd monitor properly. I did try and
subscribe to x11@ but for some reaosn that didnt work, and I didnt worry
abotu it too much so didnt investigate further as I wont be running 12.0
for a while.

But this morning I just did a small update of ports, and it upgraded the
driver from xf86-video-ati-7.9.0_3,1 to 18.1.0,1  ... and that acts
in the same way, i.e. only runs on one monitor and cant see the 2nd.
I thought it was a bit too much of a co-incidence, as I would guess both
the old and new drivers share substantial amounts of code.

I rolled back to the old driver and this is the dmesg outoput
it gives if thats of any help...

info: [drm] Radeon Display Connectors
info: [drm] Connector 0:
info: [drm]   DP-1
info: [drm]   HPD4
info: [drm]   DDC: 0x6450 0x6450 0x6454 0x6454 0x6458 0x6458 0x645c 0x645c
info: [drm]   Encoders:
info: [drm]     DFP1: INTERNAL_UNIPHY2
info: [drm] Connector 1:
info: [drm]   DP-2
info: [drm]   HPD5
info: [drm]   DDC: 0x6470 0x6470 0x6474 0x6474 0x6478 0x6478 0x647c 0x647c
info: [drm]   Encoders:
info: [drm]     DFP2: INTERNAL_UNIPHY2
info: [drm] Connector 2:
info: [drm]   DVI-I-1
info: [drm]   HPD1
info: [drm]   DDC: 0x6460 0x6460 0x6464 0x6464 0x6468 0x6468 0x646c 0x646c
info: [drm]   Encoders:
info: [drm]     DFP3: INTERNAL_UNIPHY
info: [drm]     CRT1: INTERNAL_KLDSCP_DAC1
info: [drm] Internal thermal controller with fan control
info: [drm] radeon: power management initialized
info: [drm] Connector DP-1: get mode from tunables:
info: [drm]   - kern.vt.fb.modes.DP-1
info: [drm]   - kern.vt.fb.default_mode
info: [drm] Connector DP-2: get mode from tunables:
info: [drm]   - kern.vt.fb.modes.DP-2
info: [drm]   - kern.vt.fb.default_mode
info: [drm] Connector DVI-I-1: get mode from tunables:
info: [drm]   - kern.vt.fb.modes.DVI-I-1
info: [drm]   - kern.vt.fb.default_mode
info: [drm] fb mappable at 0xE0142000
info: [drm] vram apper at 0xE0000000
info: [drm] size 9437184
info: [drm] fb depth is 24
info: [drm]    pitch is 8192
fbd0 on drmn0
VT: Replacing driver "vga" with new "fb".
info: [drm] Initialized radeon 2.29.0 20080528 for drmn0 on minor 0

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