dmesg submission service -- please submit today

Warner Losh imp at
Sun Oct 7 03:23:42 UTC 2018

[[ I sent this to -current earlier in the day, but I thought I'd widen the
scope ]]


As you can tell, the project is looking to clear some of the deadwood from
its driver lists. One problem is that we have to guess what's in used based
on our personal experience. This has proven to be less reliable than hoped
in the 10/100 discussions that are going on now.

So, to that end, I'd like to request as many people as possible submit
their current dmesg to the service at so
that we have a better basis for future preliminary lists of drivers for
other parts of the tree. Please take the time to make these submissions
regardless of what your current hardware is. Please submit for any machine
you'd like to upgrade to FreeBSD 12 or 13. Heck, submit for any machine you
have running, if you'd like. Identifying information is generally masked

This is just a request by me. I'll be using the data in about a month to
look at old parallel scsi driver use. Though not definitive, it will be
suggestive of what's in use. The data is currently a bit thin, so I thought
I'd see what a message like this could do to improve that situation. This
should be viewed as a personal suggestion right now...


P.S. I know there's other user generated data sites out there, but this
appears to be the only one that's actually still working.

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