FCP-0101: Deprecating most 10/100 Ethernet drivers

Julian H. Stacey jhs at berklix.com
Fri Oct 5 14:46:25 UTC 2018

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> FCP-01010 (https://github.com/freebsd/fcp/blob/master/fcp-0101.md)
> outlines a plan to deprecate most 10/100 Ethernet drivers in FreeBSD 12
> and remove them in FreeBSD 13 to reduce the burden of maintaining and
> improving the network stack.  We have discussed this within the
> core team and intend to move forward as proposed.  We are solictiting
> feedback on the list of drivers to be excepted from removal.
> The current list of drivers slated for REMOVAL is:
> ae, bfe, bm, cs, dme, ed, ep, ex, fe, pcn, rl, sf, smc, sn,
> ste, tl, tx, txp, vx, wb, xe

I have many hosts using ed & rl, several using ep, & at least one
using xe or ex.  That's just from memory, maybe other drivers in peril.

Unless the functionality of drivers is sub-sumed in to other drivers,
stripping all those drivers would motivate some to never upgrade
again, or dump FreeBSD for a more conservative BSD, or fork FreeBSD etc.

Stripping dead code helps developers play easier, but stripping
live code is offensive.  Some who periodicaly propose code demolitions
forget that many users of FreeBSD don't subscribe lists, except
maybe announce, as too busy, maintaining FreeBSD on networks ...
until their nets don't work.

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