11.2-RELEASE panics with a bit of load

rainer at ultra-secure.de rainer at ultra-secure.de
Thu Oct 4 07:04:02 UTC 2018

Am 2018-10-04 05:53, schrieb Holger Kipp:
> Dear Rainer,
> if no one else is experiencing these errors, then it is probably a
> hardware error.
> I had once encountered problems with incompatible memory (combination
> of memory (ok with other boards) and board (ok with other memory) did
> not work properly). The issue could be triggered with a simple
> buildworld within minutes. However memtest86 could run for hours
> without finding a thing.
> Please don‘t rely on memtest86 if it does not report any problems.
> To be sure: check / adjust memory timings, remove and/or replace
> memory modules and try to trigger the error again.
> Best regards,
> Holger Kipp

I have this problem on two machines, actually.
It would be highly unlikely for both to have hardware problems.
Though possible, of course.

Reducing ARC seems to help, though, and I assume that is the problem the 
machine ran into because I still have 29GB out of 32GB wired now, with 
an ARC limited  to 60% of kmem_size.

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