Pkg dependency strangeness

Walter Parker walterp at
Thu Dec 27 01:46:06 UTC 2018

I've just upgraded an existing FreeBSD 11.1 system with php56 to FreeBSD
11.2 and php72.

In order to do this, I used a mix of ports and packages to delete php56 and
all of the php56 extensions and replace them with php72 and php72
extensions. Everything is working now, but when I try to install anything
using pkg, it wants to reinstall php56 and serveral php56 extensions. This
happens for packages that don't have php56 as a dependency.

For example
 pkg install alpine

The following 11 package(s) will be affected (of 0 checked):

New packages to be INSTALLED:
        alpine: 2.21.9999
        php56-session: 5.6.39
        php56: 5.6.39
        php56-xmlrpc: 5.6.39
        php56-xml: 5.6.39
        postgresql95-client: 9.5.15_2
        php56-pgsql: 5.6.39_1
        php56-mbstring: 5.6.39
        php56-json: 5.6.39
        php56-pdo_pgsql: 5.6.39_1
        php56-pdo: 5.6.39

Number of packages to be installed: 11

How do I tell pkg that I don't want php56 reinstalled?

Thank you,


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