Common Desktop Environment broken when compiling from ports tree on FreeBSD 12 RC3 (May also apply to the final build)

Kurt Jaeger pi at
Mon Dec 17 07:21:58 UTC 2018


> > > PPC64 with the advent of Power9 is the only real alternative platform
> > > to amd64 in the data center [...]

> > I'm curious, isn't arm64 also a contender in this market ?

> Supposedly. The FF has invested in it greatly. Nonetheless, none of the
> offerings have been very good in practice.

That's interesting. Can you elaborate ?

Is it the stability of the hardware itself ? Are the hardware offerings too
diverse so that the boxes aren't compatible between each other ? Is the
performance not sufficient to compete with amd64 ? Are there legal issues
like intellectual property or such ?

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