FreeBSD-12.0-RC3-i386-disc1.iso does not boot

CenturyLink Customer cksalexander at
Sat Dec 1 21:51:05 UTC 2018

Hello all:Sorry, this old Pentium  4 refurbished test machine has been obstinate during ALPHA, BETA, and now RC.I had a workaround using the BTX bootloader from ALPHA8 and pasted it into BETA3; meanwhile,remastering the .iso disk afterwards. I was able to boot that, and setup a minimal system, as test.I don't know if I can devote much more testing; but I thought you all would like to hear feedback anyway.BTW, I have a Thinkpad laptop running 11.2-RELEASE-p5 for my main system; works very well, THX.Very Sincerely Yours,cksalexander at

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