gptboot broken when compiled with clang 6 and WITHOUT_LOADER_GELI -- clang 5 is OK

Dewayne Geraghty dewayne.geraghty at
Thu Apr 26 04:18:50 UTC 2018

Andre, You're not alone.  I think there's a problem with clang6 on i386
FreeBSD 11.1X, refer:
and perhaps also on amd64, search for

Without time to investigate I've reverted userland
FreeBSD 11.2-PRERELEASE  r332843M    amd64 1101515 1101509
FreeBSD 11.2-PRERELEASE  r332843M    i386 1101515 1101509

Apologies for my earlier email, I'd missed setting content-type:
text/plain instead of text/html (the latter strips content to the
mailing list), too many management memo's! ;)

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