Ryzen issues on FreeBSD ? (with sort of workaround)

Pete French petefrench at ingresso.co.uk
Wed Apr 25 09:14:09 UTC 2018

> It would be interesting to test other AMD CPUs.  I think AMD and Intel
> have some differences in the virtualization implementations.

I've been using AMD CPU's pretty extensively since the early 90's - back 
then I was running NeXTStep and out of the three Intel alternatives it 
was the only one which ran properly. Never seen anything like this 
before now though. In particular this Ryzen replaces the CPU on an old 
Phenom II - i.e. its the same disc and hence the same OS and VirtualBox 
config - and that ran fine.

So theres something odd about the Ryzen here.

Am also not sure its to do with the virtualisation - I got my first 
lockup with no virtualisation going on at all. Disablign SMT and the 
system hasnt locked, despite heavy virtualbox use.


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