Ryzen issues on FreeBSD ? (with sort of workaround)

Pete French petefrench at ingresso.co.uk
Fri Apr 20 11:55:29 UTC 2018

On 20/04/2018 12:48, Nimrod Levy wrote:
> I'm really glad to see that I'm not the only one still interested in 
> this thread.  I don't really have anything new to contribute. I've been 
> getting about a week or so uptime out of my box. My habit has been to 
> see if it hangs, then reboot and rebuild latest stable and reboot and 
> run that for a while. Although now that this thread pops back up, I just 
> realized it's been 2 weeks since the last cycle. I don't trust it yet, 
> but I've seen clear improvement since this started.

What setting sdo you have - just the ones I listed or some in the BSD 
setup itself ? I am surprised that the operson who said they were 
getting an actual Epyc server hasn't commented again on the thread. 
Hopefully that means it works fine on the server hardware :-)

I have seen a few commits go through in STABLE related to VM which 
interest me, and which might cause hangs, so we shall see how it goes. 
Possibly looking at the Ryzen issue has flushed out a few VM problems 
anyway, which would be good, as more stbaility is always good (and I 
have a vague hope it might fix the mysetrious Go hangs too).


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