CentOs Competitors Users Contact List.

gemma.white at collabratesuite.com gemma.white at collabratesuite.com
Tue Apr 17 14:30:56 UTC 2018

<div dir="ltr"><p class="gmail-MsoNoSpacing"><span  

<p class="gmail-MsoNoSpacing"><span style="color:rgb(31,78,121)">Would you
be interested in <b>CentOS (Linux) Users
List</b>? We are a Global Technology User’s List Provider’s with 90 Million
Plus data and counting.</span></p>

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alternatives such as</span></b><span style="color:rgb(31,78,121)">: Windows  
Server users List, Oracle Linux users List, </span><span  
Linux users List, Suse Linux users List, Oracle Solaris users List and many

<p class="gmail-MsoNoSpacing"><b><span style="color:rgb(31,78,121)">List
Contains:</span></b><span style="color:rgb(31,78,121)"> Name,
Company's Name, Phone Number, Fax Number, Job Title, Email address,  
Mailing Address, SIC code, Company revenue, size, Web address etc. All
Technology / Companies Partners and Users List, IT decision Makers from  
500 Companies, IT Decision Makers from SME as well.</span></p>

<p class="MsoNormal"  
style="color:rgb(31,78,121)">We provide data across the globe - <b>North  
America, EMEA, Asia Pacific and LATAM.</b></span></p>

<p class="gmail-MsoNoSpacing"><span style="color:rgb(31,78,121)">Please let
us know your targeted criteria and geography to provide you with detailed
information for your review.</span></p>

<p class="gmail-MsoNoSpacing"><span style="color:rgb(31,78,121)">Let me
know your thoughts!</span></p>

<p class="gmail-MsoNoSpacing"><span  

<p class="gmail-MsoNoSpacing"><b><span style="color:rgb(31,78,121)">Gemma  

<p class="gmail-MsoNoSpacing"><b><span style="color:rgb(31,78,121)">Senior  
Database Executive</span></b></p>

<p class="gmail-MsoNoSpacing"><span  
</span><span style="color:rgb(156,194,229)">To “opt
out” response not interested</span><span  
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