devd out of swap space ? (zfs arc related ?)

Gerrit Kühn gerrit.kuehn at
Tue Apr 10 05:49:03 UTC 2018

On Mon, 9 Apr 2018 15:27:45 -0400 Mike Tancsa <mike at> wrote
about devd out of swap space ? (zfs arc related ?):

> Anyone else seen anything like this on a recent RELENG11 STABLE ?

I think I have seen something similar last week with a -stable from
somewhen in March. Lots of processes crashed over night due to "out of
swap space" although there appeared to be plenty of both swap and RAM.
Somehow it looked arc-related to me, but I havn't been able to reproduce
it so far (however, I did not try too hard, either ;-).
This is what top shows on the machine right now:

CPU:  0.0% user,  0.0% nice,  0.0% system,  0.0% interrupt,  100% idle
Mem: 2776K Active, 7231M Inact, 31M Laundry, 24G Wired, 934M Buf, 288M Free
ARC: 20G Total, 6678M MFU, 13G MRU, 1060K Anon, 182M Header, 146M Other
     19G Compressed, 82G Uncompressed, 4.24:1 Ratio


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